🤝 Very welcome to our website! 🙂

🌐 What is this website and its purpose

This website is the official online representation of the private tuition organisation Alexandros’ Tuition. Its purpose is threefold.

  1. To inform, mainly prospective tutees, about the services and team of our organisation.
  2. To invite prospective tutees to contact us and register to our services.
  3. To offer useful resources and links, mainly to prospective and current tutees.

❓ Who are we aimed at

  1. 🎓 London & UK undergraduates
  2. 🎓 London & UK postgraduates in IT-conversion programmes

❓ What problem are we aimed at

  • 👨‍đŸ’ģ Solving challenging programming assignments
    • đŸ’ģ With limited programming experience
      UK undergraduates, especially those with limited programming experience and in their 1st year, often struggle with programming-based module assignments.
    • 👨‍🎓 With inadequate contact with tutors
      Less contact opportunity with their tutors than the required for an effective progress in programming is not unusual.

Our university-level tutors can offer guidance to effectively solve programming tasks and assist students in familiarising with the wide range of programming concepts and techniques they encounter during their degrees, offering them the opportunity to connect with them properly and achieve top academic performance.

💁 What services we offer

  • 🎓 University-level specialised programming-focused tuition
    • 👷 Assignment assistance
    • đŸ’ŧ Exam preparation
    • 👨‍đŸ’ģ Programming practice
  • 👨‍đŸ’ģ Subjects
    • 👨‍đŸ’ģ Python
    • 👨‍đŸ’ģ Java
    • đŸ’ģ Computer Science & Programming
  • 👍đŸŧ Tutors’ knowledge, skills, & experience

🌟 What we are

🔒 Private 🌐 Online 🎓 University 👨‍đŸ’ģ Programming 👨‍🎓 Tuition đŸ’ŧ Organisation

  • đŸ’ŧ Professional tutors
  • 🎓 Qualified academically & professionally
  • 🌟 Proven track record by results, ratings, & testimonials

Following a dynamic and organised tuition approach we have resulted in a proven track record with undergraduate and postgraduate programming assignments, exams, and practice. Our main tutor has completed 2000 tuition hours with more than 100 tutees from tenths of Universities with several reviews strongly recommending him as a tutor. He has wide experience of University material regarding programming with a focus on core Python and Java and has successfully assisted in meeting University requirements and student targets. He is highly qualified with a 1st-class BSc(Hons) degree in Computer Science, an MA in Education and Technology from, the globally top ten University, UCL and Qualified Teacher Status.

❓ Why we offer the services

  • 🎓 To collaboratively support the tutees’ academic, personal, & social development
  • 👨‍🎓 To collaboratively support the tutors’ professional, personal, & social development

❓ How we offer the services

  • 🎓 Selecting effective personalised pedagogical principles, e.g. ADDIE tuition model
  • 👷 Development of problem solving and criticality on practical programming tasks
  • ↩ī¸ Constructive & timely feedback
  • 👨‍đŸ‘Ļ Caring & patient manner
  • đŸ’ģ Selecting effective technologies, e.g. remote login software
  • 🌐 Online sessions
    • Wherever you are, our online tutoring approach means that tutees can connect with their dedicated tutors for private, mostly one-to-one, sessions. Given the non-local nature of many of our tutees, based across several, mostly UK, universities and cities, effective online tutoring is an important part of our tutoring model so we are following an easy-to-use online platform that allows tutors and tutees to share learning resources and to work together on the tutee’s desktop in real time via remote login and interactive screen sharing.​

  • 👨‍đŸ‘Ļ One-to-one or group sessions

What we manage to quickly develop is an effective, collaborative, and caring relationship with the tutee. Our tuition attitude is inclusive, holistic, motivating & engaging including interactive, collaborative, and challenging activities honing higher-order thinking skills. Our methodology incorporates technologically-enhanced and personalised techniques. What is more, we offer honest & constructive feedback to tutees and assist them in the execution of several practical issues. We show diligence, flexibility, and reliability throughout my practice. Finally, we demonstrate a kind, friendly, and approachable character, and consider University studies and coding skills of high importance.

💭 Why to work with us – 15 reasons

  1. ✅ Personalised support
    1. 🗸 Pace adjustment according to the progress
    2. 🗸 Quick feedback
  2. ✅ Extensive experience tutoring University programming
  3. ✅ Extensive experience in core software development
    1. 🗸 Python
    2. 🗸 Java
  4. ✅ Excellent reviews
    1. 🗸 Testimonials
    2. 🗸 Ratings
  5. ✅ Numerous improvement cases
    1. 🗸 In academic performance-outcomes
    2. 🗸 In subject knowledge
    3. 🗸 In programming skills
    4. 🗸 In personal development
      1. 🗸 Time and project management
      2. 🗸 Psychological status
  6. ✅ University-level specialisation
    1. 🗸 London
    2. 🗸 UK
  7. ✅ Highly-qualified tutors
    1. 🗸 Master’s-educated
    2. 🗸 Qualified teachers
  8. ✅ Full-time tutors
  9. ✅ Professional and reliable service
  10. ✅ Extended availability
    1. 🗸 12 regular and 12 urgent hours
    2. 🗸 6 days per week
  11. ✅ Online flexible tuition
    1. 🗸 Almost unlimited choice of starting time and duration
    2. 🗸 Time can be updated any time before the session
    3. 🗸 Possible from any tutee’s place
  12. ✅ Tutor-tutee interactions on the tutee’s device in their familiar environment
  13. ✅ Online schedule
    1. 🗸 User-friendly
    2. 🗸 Accessed with personal account
    3. 🗸 Integrated payments
  14. ✅ Scientific papers in peer-reviewed computing-related journals
  15. ✅ Very competitive rates.

How to work with us

See above 11-13.

🙏 Warm wishes for every success in your high aims.
📝 Looking forward to hearing from you. 👋

      + Alexandros’ Tuition +

      Private Online University Programming Tuition
      aoctut@gmail.com, @aoctut, London UK


      + Alexandros Xafopoulos MA, BSc +

      Founding Director
      Private Online University Programming Tutor
      aoc.tut@gmail.com, London UK

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